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2022-07-01 10:33

Praseodymium yellow is one of the most used products in the ceramic industry, and it is also a relatively mature product in the market. With the increasing competition in the ceramic industry and the rising material prices, conventional praseodymium yellow can no longer fully meet the daily use of ceramic factories. In order to reduce the production of ceramic enterprises Cost and improve coloring performance, Zhongda Pigment Product R&D Center has developed a new generation of praseodymium yellow series through 6 months of hard work, which is more cost-effective and more stable. The products have passed testing, trial production, mass production and practical application. Get high praise from customers.

The innovation drive of Zhongda Pigment will continue. The company will continue to increase its investment in the R&D center. The essence is to create value for customers and provide customers with more cost-effective products and services.

Product application: ceramic ink pigments (tiles), ceramic pigments for glaze or body.

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