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2022-06-22 10:33

Engineers of Zhongda R&D Center have scientific research exchanges with doctors and professors in Guangdong university laboratories …

Enter in the research on hibonite-based blue pigments.

Hibonite-based pigments are more thermally stable than Cobalt Blue due to its higher preparation temperature and ability to remain unaltered structurally and optically upon exposure to strong acid and alkali, according to the university.

The researchers report that an oxide containing calcium, aluminum and titanium, along with cobalt or nickel, can crystallize into a structure similar to hibonite that allows for a series of blue colors.

The study showed the presence of chromophores in a “trigonal bipyramidal-shaped crystal environment” is critical for color enhancement.

“This part of the crystal structure of hibonite, like YInMn blue, allows for vivid blue colors with a reddish hue,” Subramanian said. “The hibonite blue exhibits better energy-saving, heat-reflecting properties than traditional cobalt blue due to the presence of titanium and less cobalt content.

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